How Your Thoughts Impact Your Success: The Power of Positive Thinking [Episode #78]

power of positive thinking

Today on the show I have guest Chris Atley and we’re talking positive thinking. We have a great conversation about The Law of Attraction and she provides a few tips on thinking your way to success, but before we jump into the interview I wanted to talk a little more about my take on positive [...] [...]

Why Relationship Building is Key To Your Success [Episode #77]


Kadena Tate is my guest today and we’re discussing the power of relationships and the four factors that keep people from reaching their goals. Have you ever heard the phrase “you’ve never met a stranger”? This defines me to a tee and here’s a good example. This past week I attended the eWomen Network International [...] [...]

Done Is Better Than Perfect [Episode #76]


Caterina Rando is my guest today and we’re discussing the power of getting uncomfortable and why DONE is better than PERFECT. Growing a thriving business isn’t rocket science, but it does require the right mindset, hard work, and the ability to get uncomfortable. Here’s a quote I love: “Do one thing every day that scares [...] [...]

Stop Trying to Fit In: Rethinking Unpopular with Erika Napoletano [Episode #75]

the-power-of-unpopular-and vulnerability

Erika Napoletano is my guest today and we’re talking vulnerability, authenticity, and why being unpopular might be your best success tool. I’m a huge fan of Erika’s and absolutely love her non-BS approach to life and business. I’m also a bit envious of her bravery and boldness related to being exactly who she is. If [...] [...]

The Truth About Happiness and Success: Just Be Yourself [Episode #74]


Robin Hallett is my guest today and this might be the first interview I’ve walked away from feeling truly enlightened — a true sense of who I am and where I’m going. And best of all…the fact that it’s ok to be vulnerable, uncertain and scared. Robin and I have a great conversation about why it’s [...] [...]

How To Live An Unlimited Life [Episode #73]


Dixie Gillaspie is my guest today and we’re talking about how to live an unlimited life and removing the word “can’t” from your vocabulary. Before we jump into the interview I want to share a story with you about overcoming “can’t” and how I changed my attitude about “can”. The Truth About Attitude I love [...] [...]

The Modern Rules of Success: How To Be A Go-Giver with Bob Burg [Episode #72]


Bob Burg is my guest today and we’re talking about success and the path to having a more fulfilled life. But before we jump into the interview I want to give you my take on what success means to me. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word SUCCESS? Is [...] [...]

How Google Plus Is Leading The Human Media Movement [Episode #71]


Sarah Hill is my guest today and we’re talking about the power of human media, but before we do, I want to talk a little bit about my experience with chatting it up. When I was in Staples the others day buying a new ergonomic mouse pad, I noticed they were selling easy buttons. Do [...] [...]

Stress Management Tips for Busy Women [Episode #70]


A stress free life…Is there even such a thing? What if you could have your current life as it is today, but without stress. Would you choose it? Stress is a funny thing and it’s actually much different than what most people think. Here’s the funny thing about stress….it’s not the overwhelm in your job, [...] [...]

When NO Is Not An Option – Choose To Follow Your Dream [Episode #69]


Mariela Dabbah is my guest today and we’re talking struggles, success and how to follow your dream. Mariela was told NO several time, but she didn’t give up — even when it meant crossing the border illegally to follow her dream. Thank goodness she did follow her dream because she has gone on to help young [...] [...]

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