How She Got Started: Michele Ward on Moving From Freelancer to Business Owner [Episode #2]


Although her parents realized her artistic gift from an early age and encourage her to start her own business, it took several years of college and some soul searching before Michele Ward experienced her Aha! moment.

Once she did….she was full force ahead and never looked back. OK, maybe an occasional peak back — but nothing serious.

Michele started her company Global Images Design Inc. after working as a freelance graphic designer. She’s a busy mom of two and works closely with her husband — who just happens to be a small business owner himself.

Here are some highlights from our CHAT:

  • How Michele went from doubting her ability to be an entrepreneur to jumping in with both feet on a mission to being her own boss
  • Her thoughts on listening to your gut (and your parents) when it comes to your gifts and talents
  • Her current state of affairs concerning “Social Media” and her desire to enhance that presence
  • How she and her husband both manage small businesses, two kids and a busy household
  • The role that technology plays in her small business


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Michele Ward is the Senior Designer and Principal of Global Images Design Inc. — she has over 18 years experience in design — both print media and website design.

Links Mentioned:

Skype ( a website that Michele designed)


Live Giant,

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