These Female Entrepreneurs Went From Selling Promotional Products To Being Seven Figure Real Estate Investors [Episode #3]


I’m super pumped about this interview with Connie Williams and Sheila Tidwell from They are serial entrepreneurs (9 business and counting) who went from selling promotional products to being seven figure real estate investors.

Their story is not only inspiring, but also very applicable to anyone thinking about starting their own business. They share their story, their passion and the steps they’ve taken on their path to success.

Here are some highlights from our CHAT:

  • How reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad  lead them on a path of adventure which changed their career paths and lives in general
  • The realization and understanding of the difference between being a business owner and being self employed
  • The importance of women stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things – even if it’s in a normally male dominated field [learn the Art of Asking]
  • The importance of relationship building and how it can win you business and make you money
  • How multiple streams of income can save you now and in the future
  • How they turned a crisis into cash by thinking outside the box and finding “non-traditional” funding
  • The importance of finding a mentor and “investing” in yourself
  • How they started their podcast and the importance it has had on their brand
  • How the unsolved murder of Connie’s brother Carl lead to her writing the book Thinking Consciously Rocks and finding peace in her life



Connie and Sheila Talk on Successful women talk






Connie Williams and Sheila Tidwell began their property investment journey in the fall of 2003 after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. This led them to attend a 3-day property investment conference in Nashville, where they met many REIN (Real Estate Investors of Nashville) members including Ginny & Greg Pitts. They studied with Ginny & Greg for a few months and then created Peace of Earth, LLC (for rehabs) and later Rare Earth Properties (for rentals). Presently they have 48 rental units in their portfolio and are in partnerships that hold an additional 25 units.

Connie and Sheila have purchased properties many different ways including: auctions, foreclosures, homeowners in distress and REOs. They say they are grateful to God for their success and believe everyone can live their life with passion, here’s to finding yours. Think big, dream bigger.

Links Mentioned:
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