How This Female Entrepreneur Pivoted After The Sale Of Her Business [Episode #4]


I was excited to grab a little time with Lucha Bott  – who is an Interior Design and Wholesale Furniture and Decor Manufacturing Sales Representative. Lucha’s story is interesting and she takes us through her transition from being an elementary school teacher to starting, running and eventually selling a successful business.

Lucha provides us with a wealth of wisdom and experience learned through her many years as a successful female entrepreneur.

Here are some highlights from our CHAT:

  • How she went from being an elementry school teacher to being a business owner
  • How she and her husband started and grew a business that they finally sold after 20 yrs
  • After the business sold, her husband was asked to stay on at the company and she wasn’t – she discusses the impact this had on her and how she pivoted to change career paths
  • The struggles she experience because of being an older female trying to enter a younger market
  • The importance of not settling and being able to choose your own path
  • The importance of relationships in building and maintaining a business
  • How she juggled her busy schedule of running a business and being a mom
  • Her opinion on social media and why it’s important to wholesale and retail – we also discuss a few tips for busy business owners.
  • How to make money doing things you love – even if that means doing it part-time until you can build it



lucha bott on successful women talk






Lucha Bott is an Interior Design and Wholesale Furniture and Decor Manufacturing Sales Representative that represents line such as: Pom Pom at Home,  Sugarboo Designs, and Aidan Gray Home.

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