Episode #5: She Means Business: A Chat With Executive Producer Jackie Baptist


There’s a quiet revolution on the rise and it’s all about Women — that’s right — Successful Female Entrepreneurs.  You either know one, are one or want to be one.

Women are making (and have made) a huge impact on our society.  In 2011, there were an estimated 8.1 million women owned companies in the U.S.  Those women owned businesses generate $1.3 trillion in revenue and employee 7.7 million people.

Although 40% of all privately owned businesses are owned by women, only 3-5% of these women owned businesses get an Venture Capital funding .

Unfortunately, these statistics aren’t widely known or highlighted, but…this is about to change thanks to shows like this and amazing project like She Means Business.

I’m most excited to bring you this interview with successful entrepreneur Jackie Baptist who is the executive producer for an amazing project called She Means Business — a documentary film with the sole purpose and mission of highlighting successful women and their stories of success.

Here are some highlights from our CHAT:

    • Jackie discuss the project she worked on with Microsoft regarding women entrepreneurs and the results of the study
    • Discuss how the current business model is not how women want or are choosing to work
    • Women have a disproportionate access to capital and business funding — we discuss this topic and what can be done about it
    • Discuss the reason women owned business survived the recession much better than others
    • The impact that mombloggers have had and how they are running their business and managing family responsibilities
    • Discuss the Kickstarter process and how they are funding the film
    • Role we as women entrepreneurs can have on She Means Business
    • The impact social media has had on the project
    • Jackie gives her advice to women entrepreneurs and those considering starting a business
    • The importance of relationship building, networking and having role models and sponsors

Check out my interview with Successful Female Entreperneur Jackie Baptist:


Jackie Baptist on Successful Women Talk






Jackie Baptist has a wealth of experience in the World Banking industry and owns her own Finance and Marketing Consulting business.  She was the Project Manager for Microsoft’s “Your Office Your Terms” project which focused on women entrepreneurs.  She and independent film producer Elizabeth Dell have a passion for this subject and are sure to deliver with She Means Business.
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