Work With Me

If you’re a stressed out entrepreneur who knows there must be a better way…

Maybe you’re…

-  Looking to go from “Mompreneur” to full on “Entrepreneur”
-  Working more “IN”  your business than “on” your business
-  Tired and haven’t taken a real day off or vacation from your business in years
-  Running a business that can’t run without you

The solution is simple — it’s SYSTEMS and it’s not as boring as it sounds!

You started your business because you had a great idea, found a gap in the market, wanted to make a difference, wanted to be your own boss…wanted freedom.

You’ve found success, but not freedom because you haven’t figured out how to clone yourself.

Reclaim Your Time Coaching  is designed to help you better understand your business, operating systems and customers.

This will give you control over your business, create an environment for customers who will become raving fans and afford you the freedoms to work on your business and not in your business.

How you might ask….here’s a little more info about me:  

I have an MBA from Baylor University — looks good on paper, but I consider myself more street smart than book smart.  When it comes to life — and business — I think common sense will get you further than book knowledge.

In 2004 I co-founded a startup — in a field I knew nothing about — and helped take that company from zero customer and sales to mutli-seven figures within a few years.

I sold my interest in that business in 2010 and launched a children’s line — Me Giant Inc. — we make great products for cute kids.

I’ve recently started a WebTV show — Successful Women Talk – that highlights other successful women.  The mission of the show it show women: You Can, You Will, You Do!

I’ve built all of my businesses on three key pillars: good design, great systems and excellent customer service.

I consult and coach other small business owners helping them with operational and logistical management, social media marketing and getting their products from launch to market.

My clients think I have super powers when it comes to analyzing their businesses and processes — to me, it just comes natural.

My secret sauce is simple…eliminate the BS and set up systems and process — rinse and repeat.

The truth is…most small business are disorganized to the point of confusion and on a path to failure.

It’s not from lack of hard work or caring.  It’s from lack of organization and processes.

I built and ran a super busy and profitable business with minimal employees because of systems, processes and leveraging technology.

Those systems and organizational processes allowed me to work smarter and not harder.

You can have this too!

If you’re ready for a straightforward, no fluff, no BS strategy session and business wake up call…Reclaim Your Time is for you.

The 60-minute Reclaim Your Time Coaching is an investment of $375

Here’s how it works:

  • The session will be 60-minutes via Skype — video Skype if at all possible, as this gives us more of a one-on-one interaction
  • Once you purchase the package below, I’ll send you a questionnaire to be completed and sent back to me — this allows me to do research and have a good understanding of you, your business and your goals before we get to work
  • We’ll schedule a time that works best for both of us — I’m currently scheduling 4 weeks in advance, but can try to accommodate an earlier meeting if you need an immediate session.
  • After our session, I’ll provide you with a recording of our session and a summary and action plan for you to implement immediately
  • Bonus:  2 weeks of email follow-up post session – this will give you a chance to implement and ask questions

Details about Cancellation:

Spots and session times are limited and fill quickly, so….please make certain you’re ready to fully move forward before purchasing.  Once you’ve purchased the program, I consider us partners.  I will give you 110% of my brain, knowledge base and experience.  Saying yes to you means saying no to someone else, so refunds are not accepted.