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Jules Taggart and Krystina Feucht from KickStart Kitchen are my guest today and we’re discussing the power of launch and learn when it comes to a successful business.

These ladies have started multiple business and networking communities for women and they say you’ll learn much from the process of launching and learning than you will from trying to be perfect. Perfect is overrated so “forget about it” — imagine me saying that with an Italian accent.

Let’s jump right in to learn a little more about Jules and Krystina — including how listening to their clients is totally changing their business model.Having an accountability partner can be key in business – consider masterminding to help you learn and grow
Systems and schedules are great and needed, but remember to build flexibility into your schedule
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When it comes to having several ideas on what type of business to start, most people really do know what they want to do – they are usually struggling more with what they think they are supposed to do vs. what they want to do.
The key to being successful is to be able to ask yourself WHY you’re doing something – sometimes we continue down a certain path because we started and we feel as if we must finish. Know when it’s ok to step away.
Pivoting in business is OK – it’s not a sign of failure, it’s a sign of being aware of marketing needs and your strengths.
Listening is key in business – speak less, listen more.
Time management and work-life balance are key for women entrepreneurs – especially since we tend to want to do everything. Tip: schedule, systemize and delegate.
One more course isn’t going to fix your problem – implementation is key and seek help if you can’t figure out how to apply the learning.
Launch and learn – you will learn much more from the activity of launching and learning than you will from trying to be perfect.
Tools they use: Google Drive, Podio, Basecamp.

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Carrie Wilkerson went from over worked, over weight, depressed and in debt to one of the leading mentors and thought leaders in online marketing and women in business.

She’s a Texas girl who’s down to earth, has a non-BS approach to business and she’s making a difference in the world.Don’t let your own fear stop you from achieving great things – Carrie was over weight, over worked, depressed and couldn’t even get an interview. One day she said “Enough is Enough” and she’s paved her own way ever since.
If you want success – step out of the place you don’t want to be. There’s no “Easy” card and you must do the hard work, but it’s a choice. [see previous interview with Dyana Valentine – Making Choices and Turning Your Flaws Into Awes]
The reason you haven’t achieved what you want to achieve is because you haven’t decided that you WILL – you may want, but you must decide you will.
You will have critics and negativity in life – don’t let it get you down. Learn from it and look at it from a measure of grace. You don’t know what path others are walking [see my previous interview with Basma Hameed to see how adversity and bullying has helped her succeed]
On work life balance – balance is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe rhythm is a better way to label it instead of balance. Schedule important things on your calendar.
On systems and processes – Carrie uses several tools such as Time Trade which sync’s to her Google Calendar, she has a VA for support 10 hours per month, she only accepts scheduled incoming calls and she tries to take off every Friday to spend time with her family.
Don’t let fear stop you – you can be scared and broke or afraid and well paid. You’re going to be scared either way, so you may as well be paid for it.
About guest Carrie Wilkerson


Carrie Wilkerson is the voice of experience. From corporate life to teaching high school to direct sales, to information marketing and coaching she has ‘been there and done that’ professionally and personally. An ‘overnight mom’ to 2 toddlers through adoption, her priorities instantly changed and so did her workplace. She’s now built several businesses and coached others to do the same while overcoming extreme debt, losing 110 lbs and having 2 more children, for a total of 4, aging from toddler to teen!

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Ameena Falchetto – the master of brand visualization – is my guest today. She’s a serial entrepreneur with experience in both the online and offline world and she’s a self proclaimed advertising geek who enjoys a mailbox full of adverts.Discuss Ameena’s background and how she got to where she is today
Discuss branding and visualization
Talk about the importance of known what story your brand is telling
Discuss why it’s important to know your who your ideal client is and to actually have a visualization of them
Talk about her recent hiatus from social media and the impact it had on her and her business
Talk about the importance of not following the crowd and sticking to your core beliefs and skill sets

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Basma Hameed is a successful female entrepreneur, but she had to beat the odds to get there. When she was 2 years old, Basma suffered severe facial burns in a kitchen accident. She underwent hundred’s of surgeries, was bullied by other children and at times was afraid to come out of her room. When she was sixteen her physicians told her they could do no more for her scaring and she looked the best she ever would. Well…they underestimated Basma.

After having an eyebrow tattoo procedure she had an aha! moment. Check out my interview with Basma to learn more about her, her story and how she’s making a difference in the lives of others.Discuss her accident and the effect her scaring had on her life – including being severely bullied
Discuss how her receiving a cosmetic tattoo lead her building a successful business around the art of tattooingbasma-hameed-before-after-cosmetic-tattoo
Talk about her aha! moment and how she decided to tattoo her own face
Talk about her current business and how mission and passion to help others
Discuss the importance of fixing your insides before your fix your outsides

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Jessica Kim, founder of BabbaCo, started here first business out of her college dorm room, sold it to fund her MBA, started another business – BabbaCo – and despite the fact that it was successful – knew she needed to pivot.

She was accepted to Excelerate Labs and it was there where she had her “aha” moment and pivoted to a monthly subscription based business – the BabbaBox – a monthly activity box for kids 3-6. Her story is inspirational and inspiring.Discuss how she originally came up with the idea for BabbaCo and her passion for community
Discuss why she decided to do Excelerate Lab and her “aha” moment
Talk about the importance of mentorship
Discuss what she said is the number ONE thing that’s made her business successful
Talk market research and the depth they took with the BabbaBox
Talk about the importance of team – hiring, being pro-active, hiring people smarter than you
Discuss marketing and how to set yourself apart from competitors
Talk subscription model vs. product based businesses
Discuss how she met and eventually worked with Gary Vaynerchuck

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Suzanne Duret is today’s guest and she’s an entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge and great attitude to boot. She’s founded seven companies, raised millions in funding, and has mastered the art of asking.

She’s here to share her story of success including how she has made it a habit of entering fields she knows nothing about and crushing it. She even convinced Tony Robins to write the forward in her book before she knew him.Discuss how she handle being one of the only females in her industry Don’t be threatened by entering into an arena you’re not familiar with
Discuss the mistakes she made with her first business and how this became the foundation for her business education
Talk about how Susanne got Tony Robbins to write the forward for her book even though she didn’t know him
Suzanne discusses the importance of “The Art of Asking”
Talk business fears and how to get over them
Discuss the importance of self education and changing as needed as your life and business changes

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Farnoosh Brock is my guest today and we’re talking about overcoming fear, leaving a prestigious 6-figure job and choosing to live your dream.

If you’re in a job you hate, life your not happy with or unsure how to live your dream…you’re going to love this interview with Farnoosh.TIP #1: Stop looking at your blog as a Hobby and start looking at it as a Business.
TIP #2: Don’t be afraid to try new things – even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Farnoosh knew she wanted to do something, but didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do. Live your dream.
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TIP #3: Find your point of no return and let that experience help you find your new path.
TIP #4: Don’t be afraid to believing different truths – life changes and your definition of happiness might have changed as well.
TIP #5: Not everyone will support your decision to make changes in your life. Be ok with this and surround yourself with like minded people.
TIP #6: Continue to learn and push yourself – be a life long learner.
TIP #7: Realize that you will have some failures, but use those as stepping stones and keep moving forward.
TIP#8: Systemize all repeatable tasks.

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Katya Barry is an international business and expat coach for women – she’s also known as a Global Attitude Architect. She specializes in helping expat women across the world get plugged into their communities so they can thrive both personally and professional.

Katya shares her story of having difficulty finding a job even though she was highly qualified and educated. She finally took matters into her own hands and has the freedom to work on her own termsTalk about the life of an expat – the fun, sexy and boring. iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk
Discuss the fairy tale of world travel vs. the reality of living abroad
Talk about the unique challenges of living abroad [Even if it’s in your own Country]
How Katya had difficulty finding a job and how she came to the reality that she didn’t really want to work for someone else [how to overcome FEAR]
Discuss work-life balance and the tips she has for juggling a busy family and business
Talk about the frustrations and challenges as a “trailing spouse”
Discuss her upcoming Foreignator Summit 2013

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Nathalie Lussier is my guest today and we’re discussing online marketing, how to master the technical side of the web and the power of investing in yourself.Here are some highlights from our Interview:
Discuss how she turned down a job on Wall Street to take a risk and start her own business
Discuss the one question Marie Forleo asked her which changed her business and help her reach 6 figures in the first year of launch
Discuss how she launched her first business Raw Foods Witch and how she got traffic to the site
Talk about why she suggests saving your money on advertising and attend a like minded networking event instead – the power of networking
Talk about the power of taking your online business offline to grow and build relationships
Discuss the power of SEO in building online traffic
Talk about the power of the EMAIL list and tip for building the list on autopilot
Discuss the power of investing in yourself and hiring a coach

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Jennifer Dutcher is the owner and designer of Rock-a-Thigh Baby, a busy mom of 4 and as far as I can tell…hasn’t resorted to pulling her hair out yet. She made the business of socks both functional and fun.

She shares her story on how she found a gap in the market, designed and created a functional knee-high sock and has now taken her company global. She says it’s all because…She never left any stone unturned.Discuss how a cold evening walk lead to the creation of her product line – throw a curve ball to a smart mommy and she’ll hit it out of the park. [See how a crying baby lead Alicia Overby’s to create her baby product line]
Talk about how Jennifer fell into the wholesale side of her business, how she prices her products and how she’s found both domestic and international distributors.
Jennifer how simply reaching out and making a connection lead to her partnered with Beco – a baby carrier company.
Leave no stone unturned is her motto and message to anyone considering starting a small business
We discuss Jennifer work-life balance and what tools she uses to run her life and business.
Jennifer and I discuss the importance of scheduling and making certain her family is a part of the business. She’s a mom of 4 and she involves them in the business.
Talk a little about her marketing and social media.
About guest Jennifer Dutcher


Jennifer is an interior designer turned mompreneur. She’s the owner and designer of Rock-a-Thigh Baby which offer thigh high socks for the little ones. She’s a busy mom of 4 who recognized the need for a children’s sock that stays up and stays on, while providing full leg coverage as tights.

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