How To Become A Digital Leader and Build Online Influence

Stephanie Sammons from Wired Advisor and StephanieSammons is my guest today. I love Stephanie, but I must admit I’m a little jealous at how good she is at building online influence.

You’re going to love my conversation with Stephanie because she breaks down the steps to building online influence and shows just how simple it can be to stand out in a noisy crowd.

I get a little jazzed up because she shares how important systems and processes have been to her business – you know I’m a little bit of a nut when it comes to systems – and she explains how process implementation makes social media and digital leadership that much easier.Discuss how Stephanie had a job waiting for her after college although it wasn’t her passion and how a guest speaker changed her life and career path
Discuss how early in her career as a 24 year old she gained the trust of her much older clients – clue…it’s all based on the fact that people want to be lead
Talk about how she jumped into digital leadership and how her coaching background has been parlayed into every aspect of her business
Discuss the importance of collaboration and how to build a loyal network
Talk about why she didn’t fear leaving corporate America to start her business
Talk about the importance of targeting and defining your niche
Discuss why she feels it’s important to manage your own social media platforms and the importance of relationship management
Discuss how to build online influence