Why You Need To Learn The Art of Storytelling, Self Promotion and Asking For What You Want

Ashley Milne-Tyte is my guest today and we discuss the importance of storytelling in life and business.  We also talk a great deal about why women are afraid to ask for what they want.

I want you to watch this episode with Ashley.

Did you see how easy that was — I asked for what I wanted.  So grab a cup of tea — or glass of wine — and let’s get this party started.

Discuss the art of storytelling in radio and business
Discuss her time at NPR and marketplace.org
Talk about what inspired her to start reporting on women in the workplace and why too few women lead
Discuss her exploration into why women seem to fall out in the middle versus reaching the top C level positions
Talk about how women are changing the workforce landscape
Talk about the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and not being afraid to try things your not an expert in
Discuss the art of asking – this topic is also covered in detail in my interview with Suzanne Duret
Discuss the how she’s marketing and promoting her show
Discuss the possibility of using Kickstarter to fund your media show