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Jules Taggart and Krystina Feucht from KickStart Kitchen are my guest today and we’re discussing the power of launch and learn when it comes to a successful business.

These ladies have started multiple business and networking communities for women and they say you’ll learn much from the process of launching and learning than you will from trying to be perfect. Perfect is overrated so “forget about it” — imagine me saying that with an Italian accent.

Let’s jump right in to learn a little more about Jules and Krystina — including how listening to their clients is totally changing their business model.Having an accountability partner can be key in business – consider masterminding to help you learn and grow
Systems and schedules are great and needed, but remember to build flexibility into your schedule

Insurance in business

Having small business insurance Alberta is really key. Being prepared for any event is the first step to running a successful business. Insurance is not that expensive for the peace of mind it will give you.

iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk

When it comes to having several ideas on what type of business to start, most people really do know what they want to do – they are usually struggling more with what they think they are supposed to do vs. what they want to do.

The key to being successful is to be able to ask yourself WHY you’re doing something – sometimes we continue down a certain path because we started and we feel as if we must finish. Know when it’s ok to step away.

Pivoting in business is OK – it’s not a sign of failure, it’s a sign of being aware of marketing needs and your strengths.

Listening is key in business – speak less, listen more.

Time management and work-life balance are key for women entrepreneurs – especially since we tend to want to do everything. Tip: schedule, systemize and delegate.
One more course isn’t going to fix your problem – implementation is key and seek help if you can’t figure out how to apply the learning.

Launch and learn – you will learn much more from the activity of launching and learning than you will from trying to be perfect.

Tools they use: Google Drive, Podio, Basecamp.

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Insurance brokers in Victoria started operations a couple of years ago and since then they have gained quite valuable experience in that field of operation. Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services provide businesses and families similarly with high quality insurance worth depending on. It is unlikely for an insurance broker to stay in such business in Victoria over quite a while and lack base for loyal customer.

Insurance brokers in Victoria is dedicated to offering personalized care and service of the highest level to its customers and this has earned them solid reputation that is trustworthy. Some of the insurance policies offered by the best insurance brokers in Victoria include:

Business insurance
Victoria is popularly known to home many unique businesses. The common thing between these businesses is that they have an insurance broker. Business insurance brokers always side with their clients and also work for the clients aiming at providing optimal insurance coverage that is optimal for the specified needs.

Business brokers are able to write anything ranging from small cars’ fleet to very large truck companies, municipalities or hotel chains. Experts in this field take time to inquire the most important things to the client and then work with insurance partners in making coverage plan meaningful to the client.

Specialty insurance
Insurance cover in Victoria goes beyond home owners and car insurance policy. Some of the specialty insurance offered include:

Farm insurance
Farms in Victoria contribute a greater part to making the city great. There are many farmers who require protection on their investment. Therefore, farm insurance brokers in Victoria protect such investment with the best farm insurance policies. Be it a hobby farm, poultry farm or dairy farm, such insurance is provided.

Recreational insurance
Most individuals in this city own recreational vehicles as a result of the many terrain and great trails around. Therefore, insurance brokers find it important to offer insurance for protection of such outdoor vehicles meant for recreation against any accidental damage.

Boat insurance
The waterway is so beautiful that most individuals enjoy passing time on its waters. Therefore, to cut on worries when having such favorable moments, insurance brokers in Victoria offer boat insurance to protect the watercraft as you enjoy such scenes.

Winery insurance
Victoria is known for its lifestyle which includes wineries and creates a great tourist venture area to have a taste of enjoyable lifestyle. Owning wineries at times seem a dream quite hard to accomplish but with insurance brokers in Victoria such is very simple as they offer protection to the winery with good insurance coverage.

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Doing the thing that makes you happy — makes you who you are.  Doing what you were meant to do.  Do you even know what that calling is?

I’ve thought long and hard about my calling. It’s teaching — helping other.

This really isn’t surprising since a majority of my professional career in some part has been linked directly to teaching and leading.

From my early years as a Respiratory Therapist, to adult education, to corporate training, to being a small business owner. It all circles back to teaching and leading — and it’s firmly rooted in small business.

I’m often asked about starting a small business — how I did it, why I did it, what steps were needed, how I got started…etc.

I love small business! Love everything about it.

It’s my passion and I love talking about it. I love sharing those experiences with others — and that’s exactly what i’ve decided to do with this blog.

Prior to starting my current company Me Giant, I co-owned a very successful wholesale furniture and decor business, Aidan Gray Home, which I eventually sold in early 2010. Helping grow that company from the ground up molded me into the person I am today. I learned a great deal, developed priceless skills, faced my strengths and weaknesses, and realized that you can do anything you want to do if you set your mind to it.

I’m living my calling and want to share it with you. Success is a journey — a journey worth taking. In this blog I will share stories, tips, tricks, processes, interviews and how to’s for small business development and success.

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Robin Hallett is my guest today and this might be the first interview I’ve walked away from feeling truly enlightened — a true sense of who I am and where I’m going. And best of all…the fact that it’s ok to be vulnerable, uncertain and scared.

Robin and I have a great conversation about why it’s important to let go, just be yourself and deal with the bolder in your back pocket.

Before we jump into the interview I want to talk about success and the importance of loving yourself.

Just Be Yourself
“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland

I love this quote! Especially since we live in a me too society where we use the success (or alleged success) of others as our measuring stick.

We all do it, we’re guilty.

We look up to the Marie Forleo’s, Amy Porterfield’s, Carol Burnett’s (odd I know, but I love her!).

We’ve been guilty of looking at the success of others and thinking…why not me, why am I not at the same level? Why can’t I be like her?

I must not be good enough!

I must not be good enough because of _____________ or because I don’t know everything about ________________ or I don’t have the __________ resources that she has.

Here’s the truth….

You Are Good Enough
Say it out loud with me….You Are Good Enough!

Yes, we’re all on different paths, at different levels and with different resources, but that’s ok.

If you want true life success, you must change your script, learn to love you for you, and just be yourself.

In my interview with Robin, we discuss this in more detail and why it’s SO important to deal with the issues that are keeping you from being the best you.

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Dixie Gillaspie is my guest today and we’re talking about how to live an unlimited life and removing the word “can’t” from your vocabulary.

Before we jump into the interview I want to share a story with you about overcoming “can’t” and how I changed my attitude about “can”.

The Truth About Attitude
I love this Zig Ziglar quote – Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.

This one hits home for me on several levels and here’s why.

It’s a miracle that I can read. Ok, my story isn’t that dramatic, but truth is…I was a terrible student. I excelled socially, but barely skated by academically.

I had a wonderful childhood and my parents were great, but they didn’t push me academically. The expectation was to pass and that’s exactly what I did…and a “C” is passing you know.

A Product of Your Environment
I don’t blame my parents for not pushing me academically, because ultimately it was my responsibility and not theirs.

They did the best they could.

They were the product of their environment…my dad didn’t make it past the 7th grade because he quit school to help support his family in a time of need.

My mom quit school her sophomore year because she feel in love and decided to start a family instead.

Me…I changed my attitude and realize my success was my choice.

Although they didn’t teach me much about algebra, my parents did teach me the value of family, community, hard work, faith and love.

Luckily I’m the product of my environment.

Don’t Let Can’t Stop You
How did you like how I flipped the switch about being the product of my environment?

It would have been easy for me to say I can’t go to college because I barely made it through High School, or I can’t start a business because I didn’t have a role model, or I can’t start a consulting business because I’ve never done it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in “I can’t” because ________

Believe me, I’ve been there.

I’m still a terrible speller, but that hasn’t stopped me.

I never read a book cover to cover until I was 20, but that hasn’t stopped me.

I wasn’t raised around entrepreneurs, but that didn’t stop me.

I ignored “can’t” and figure out “can”.

Don’t Let The Small Things Trip You Up
You can be anything you want to be…you can do anything you want to do! It’s a mind thing.

Dixie is a living example of not letting the little things trip her up. In my interview with her we discuss how the sudden death of a family member caused her to rethink her life and led to her writing her new book Just Blow It Up: Firepower For Living An Unlimited Life.

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