Taboo Talk with Lara Galloway: When Being a Stay at Home Mom Isn’t Enough

Lara Galloway  is my guest today and we’re talking about being a mom and wanting more — which is somewhat of a taboo subject in some circles.

Lara is a mompreneur who shares her honest story of how she struggled with not having her creative needs met as a stay at home mom and how this catapulted her into entrepreneurship.Talk about how she was a “reluctant entrepreneur”, what that meant to her and how she shifted
Discuss what Lara says her first business was lacking and how changing that thing help her prosper
We discuss what most mothers and mompreneurs are not willing to admit and the power you get once you do
Discuss the facts around having too broad a market and why you need to narrow it down for success
Discuss what’s counterintuitive to business and why you won’t be successful if you don’t get it and change your business to reflect it
Discuss the importance of business coaching and the impact it can have on a business
Talk about what Lara means by being a painkiller instead of the vitamin
Lara says Twitter saved her life – we discuss this and how social media has impacted her business [Learn The Power of Pinterest]
Discuss blogtalkradio and how Lara started her show and the impact it’s had on her business