Get Rid of Boring Business Branding Once and For All with Jessica Kupferman

humor and non-boring business branding.

Jessica is the host of JK TV, where she shows you how to market your business and still respect yourself in the morning. She smart, funny, and a bit of a firecracker.

Check out my interview with Jessica to learn more about her, how she works and her tips for work-life success.Discuss working from home and few tips on setting boundaries to help you be less distracted and more productive. iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk
Be smart about business structure – Talk about how she structured herself as a freelance contractor and found anice balance between working on her business and her clients businesses.
Embrace the power of Networking – Jessica shares her story of how she friended everyone she new on FaceBook because she knew some of them might need her services in the future.
Grow and respect your email list – this also helps with business referrals in the future.
Organization is in the eye of the beholder – we discuss how Jessica get works done and the tools she uses to stay productive. It’s important to find a system that works for you.
Delegate and automate whenever possible – especially with repetitive tasks.
Work-life success is important – talk about how she breaks her day down into different tasks depending upon when her kids are home.
People do business with people – be human, humor is ok — keep in fun and professional.
With branding — be yourself, stop trying to be Marie Forleo…she’s taken, be yourself.
About guest Jessica Kupferman


Jessica Kupferman is a Gossip Expert, Trend Spotter, Technical Idiot Savant and creator of a brand new comedy/ business talk show. When she’s not broadcasting her latest guilty pleasure, Jessica helps small business owners create an army of passionate + loyal fans using the power of social media, easy technology, and gossip.