Stress Management Tips for Busy Women

A stress free life…Is there even such a thing?

What if you could have your current life as it is today, but without stress. Would you choose it?

Stress is a funny thing and it’s actually much different than what most people think.

Here’s the funny thing about stress….it’s not the overwhelm in your job, the lack of time in your day or the work-life blend you’re trying to acheive. It’s none of these things, but here’s what it is.

Stress is not an external thing…it’s an internal thing.

That’s right…your job, kids, partner, bank account…none of these things are what’s stressful.success-under-stress-successful-women-talk

You’re ability or lack of ability to control these situations is what’s actually causing you stress. It’s an internal thing…mind over matter if you will.

I have faith in the fact that I can reduce my stress if I change my mindset and so does my guest, Sharon Melnick.

In her new book Sussess Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure is On, Dr. Sharon Melnick dives deep into what stress is, why it happens and how to take control over the stress in your life.

Here’s an example of me trying to reduce my stress…that’s me on the right working hard on show research.

One of the things Sharon points out in her book is that the average business professional has between 30 and 100 projects on his or her plate at any given time. They are also interupted on average seven times per hour, and faced incoming communications from multiple technologies 24 hours a day.

No wonder we feel stressed and out of control.

In my interview with Sharon, we discuss several stress management tips for controlling what you can control: The 50% rule. We also talk turning obstacles in to opportunities and much