Understanding the Art of Asking with Suzanne Duret

Suzanne Duret is today’s guest and she’s an entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge and great attitude to boot. She’s founded seven companies, raised millions in funding, and has mastered the art of asking.

She’s here to share her story of success including how she has made it a habit of entering fields she knows nothing about and crushing it. She even convinced Tony Robins to write the forward in her book before she knew him.Discuss how she handle being one of the only females in her industry Don’t be threatened by entering into an arena you’re not familiar with
Discuss the mistakes she made with her first business and how this became the foundation for her business education
Talk about how Susanne got Tony Robbins to write the forward for her book even though she didn’t know him
Suzanne discusses the importance of “The Art of Asking”
Talk business fears and how to get over them
Discuss the importance of self education and changing as needed as your life and business changes