How Jessica Kim of BabbaCo Changed Her Business To A Monthly Subscription Model

Jessica Kim, founder of BabbaCo, started here first business out of her college dorm room, sold it to fund her MBA, started another business – BabbaCo – and despite the fact that it was successful – knew she needed to pivot.

She was accepted to Excelerate Labs and it was there where she had her “aha” moment and pivoted to a monthly subscription based business – the BabbaBox – a monthly activity box for kids 3-6. Her story is inspirational and inspiring.Discuss how she originally came up with the idea for BabbaCo and her passion for community
Discuss why she decided to do Excelerate Lab and her “aha” moment
Talk about the importance of mentorship
Discuss what she said is the number ONE thing that’s made her business successful
Talk market research and the depth they took with the BabbaBox
Talk about the importance of team – hiring, being pro-active, hiring people smarter than you
Discuss marketing and how to set yourself apart from competitors
Talk subscription model vs. product based businesses
Discuss how she met and eventually worked with Gary Vaynerchuck