Who Says You Can’t Turn Your Hobby Into A Business, Carol Trickett Did and You Can Too

Carol Trickett is my guest today and she entered the world of entrepreneurship because her corporate job was downsized. Luckily, she was ready for the change and turned her hobby into a business.

Do you have an amazing talent or hobby? You can turn it into a business just like Carol did. Check out our interview to see how and find out how to get a free copy of her E-Book…Discuss how Carol took her hobby of making stained glass and turned it into a business
Talk about the triggers in Carols life that helped her realize she could start a business – how she got over the fear
Discuss the importance of jumping in feet first and not waiting on perfection to start your business
Discuss how Carol surveyed her competitors to learn more about the industry — the results were interesting
Discuss Carol’s plan for scaling her business and how she’s using the internet to do it -including coaching and courses
Talk about how she’s using video to grow her online business and marketability
Talk about market research and the importance of being open minded with your business plan and growth
Talk about the importance of building a network and community – Carol discusses tips for doing this