How Nada Jones Launched Her Multimedia Business With A Major Live Event For Women

Nada Jones, obviously believes in the saying “Go big or Go home” because she went BIG with the launch of her multimedia business ltd365. She launched with a major live event for women.

Check out my interview with Nada to learn how she scored major sponsors for the event and how she’s using her experience and the experience of other female entrepreneurs to empowering womenDiscuss what living your dream means – even if it takes you 12 years to get there
Discuss her book “16 Weeks To Your Dream Business” – talk about the process of publishing and promoting the book
Talk about her discovery of her passion to curate the best of best education and resources for women
Talk about the process of setting up a conference, getting sponsors and making it a rememberable event
Discuss how laser focus comes later and the importance of the path in getting there
Discuss the importance of understanding your market when planning a live event
Talk about the importance of viewing your competitors as friends and learn to help each other with cross promotion etc.
Discuss the launch of her online magazine – ltdmag
Talk about how to launch an event