From Law School To Developing An Online Software Company – How Mary Juetten is Helping Others With Intellectual Property

Mary Juetten, is the Founder and CEO of TrakLight – an online software as service company that offers products for inventors, creators, start-up or small companies to identify, manage, and secure their intellectual property

Copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property can all be confusing topics, so we’ve tried to break them down into digestible, bits of goodness.Discuss how she went from law student and graduate to the tech software business
Discuss define intellectual property and discuss what it is and how to know if your have it
Talk about protecting your intellectual property
Talk about the difference between copywriting and trade marking and the important point of identifying it
Discuss what trade secrets are and the proper steps to protect them
Discussing trademarking your brand and what types of things your can copyright
Discuss what a common law trademark is and how to use it
Talk about the general rules about blogging, social media sites such as Pinterest etc. and copyrights around them