How Elisa All Sold Her First Business To The Walt Disney Company and Is Now Taking On The Male Dominated Digital Startup Market

Elisa All is my guest today and she’s done what most people could only dream of doing. She started a company based on a gap in the market, within a few years grew it into a small media empire, and sold it to The Walt Disney Company. Kaching!

Some people have visions of retiring to a beach, but not Elisa. Within a year, she stared a new media company – 30 Second Mom -changing the way we receive and consume content. Enter the smart phone, smart creator and content changer.Discuss how her background in journalism lead her to the creation of her first business – hint…she found a gap in the market
Discuss the importance of solve a problem = start a business
Talk about how she was an early adopter of the web and how she and her team created amazing content and how quickly it took off
Talk about how they were “social” before social media with forums, blogs etc.
Discuss how she ended up creating an media empire she eventually sold to The Walt Disney Company in 2007
Talk about what lead her to start her new company 30SecondMom
Discuss software, apps, busy families and the plan she has for 30SecondMom
Discuss the importance of being able to see a gap or need in the market – listen to that voice and research starting a company