Changing Your Life Is Up To You – No More Excuses

Jennifer Boykin is the mastermind behind the project — Life After Tampons — where the motto is “Quit Your Bitching. Change You Life.” Changing your life is up to you.

I must admit I was immediately intrigued simply by the title of the blog and after reading some of Jennifer’s work — I was hooked.

She’s snarky, funny, to the point and does not apologize (any more) for her beliefs and her mission to help others get their lives back. Her “Quit Your Bitching. Change Your Life” motto is EXACTLY how I feel, but I don’t always have the nerve to say it.Discuss how the death of her daughter changed her life and how it helps her be who she is today
Discuss the story that lead to her getting published in The Washington Post and why this caused her to stop writing for 10 years
Talk about the importance of letting go of what others think and embrace who you are
Talk about the harm it does to compare your insides to someone else’s outsides
Discuss why it’s important to trust your heart and go AGAINST the common solution
Talk about why it’s important to start now — we don’t know if life is too short, but we do know it’s uncertain
Talk a little about the work she’s doing with Jonathan Fields