How To Be Yourself and Find Your Authentic Voice

Mayi Carles, the Columbian Firecracker, is my guest on today’s show . Mayi describes herself as a tiny artist with a T-Rex heart. We have a great discussion about being yourself and finding your authentic voice.

Mayi does a great job with online videos and has paved her own path by being herself, standing out from the crowd and dominating her marketDiscuss how Mayi was born to create and the fact that she bought her domain name at the age of 15
Discuss how she helps creatives get organized and how she’s created a business out of this
Talk how she’s made a living out of what she calls a “mess” – a creative mess
Talk about the importance of finding your voice and simply putting yourself out there to do great things.
Discuss how important it is to deal with who you are and embrace it – highlight your specialness and emphasize it for greatness
Talk about how to market yourself via video and how to show your personality and develop it as you go
Discuss the importance of small talk and using social media to develop great relationships
Discuss the importance of mentors and fining other to model and follow