How This Woman Solved A Problem By Creating Thigh-High Fun Socks [Episode #55]

Jennifer Dutcher is the owner and designer of Rock-a-Thigh Baby, a busy mom of 4 and as far as I can tell…hasn’t resorted to pulling her hair out yet. She made the business of socks both functional and fun.

She shares her story on how she found a gap in the market, designed and created a functional knee-high sock and has now taken her company global. She says it’s all because…She never left any stone unturned.Discuss how a cold evening walk lead to the creation of her product line – throw a curve ball to a smart mommy and she’ll hit it out of the park. [See how a crying baby lead Alicia Overby’s to create her baby product line]
Talk about how Jennifer fell into the wholesale side of her business, how she prices her products and how she’s found both domestic and international distributors.
Jennifer how simply reaching out and making a connection lead to her partnered with Beco – a baby carrier company.
Leave no stone unturned is her motto and message to anyone considering starting a small business
We discuss Jennifer work-life balance and what tools she uses to run her life and business.
Jennifer and I discuss the importance of scheduling and making certain her family is a part of the business. She’s a mom of 4 and she involves them in the business.
Talk a little about her marketing and social media.
About guest Jennifer Dutcher


Jennifer is an interior designer turned mompreneur. She’s the owner and designer of Rock-a-Thigh Baby which offer thigh high socks for the little ones. She’s a busy mom of 4 who recognized the need for a children’s sock that stays up and stays on, while providing full leg coverage as tights.