From Blogger To Six Figure Consultant: Behind The Scenes with Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie Lussier is my guest today and we’re discussing online marketing, how to master the technical side of the web and the power of investing in yourself.Here are some highlights from our Interview:
Discuss how she turned down a job on Wall Street to take a risk and start her own business
Discuss the one question Marie Forleo asked her which changed her business and help her reach 6 figures in the first year of launch
Discuss how she launched her first business Raw Foods Witch and how she got traffic to the site
Talk about why she suggests saving your money on advertising and attend a like minded networking event instead – the power of networking
Talk about the power of taking your online business offline to grow and build relationships
Discuss the power of SEO in building online traffic
Talk about the power of the EMAIL list and tip for building the list on autopilot
Discuss the power of investing in yourself and hiring a coach