How This Entrepreneur is Helping Expat Women Connect Globally

Katya Barry is an international business and expat coach for women – she’s also known as a Global Attitude Architect. She specializes in helping expat women across the world get plugged into their communities so they can thrive both personally and professional.

Katya shares her story of having difficulty finding a job even though she was highly qualified and educated. She finally took matters into her own hands and has the freedom to work on her own termsTalk about the life of an expat – the fun, sexy and boring. iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk
Discuss the fairy tale of world travel vs. the reality of living abroad
Talk about the unique challenges of living abroad [Even if it’s in your own Country]
How Katya had difficulty finding a job and how she came to the reality that she didn’t really want to work for someone else [how to overcome FEAR]
Discuss work-life balance and the tips she has for juggling a busy family and business
Talk about the frustrations and challenges as a “trailing spouse”
Discuss her upcoming Foreignator Summit 2013