How Burn Survivor Basma Hameed Took The Cosmetic Tattoo Industry To A New Level

Basma Hameed is a successful female entrepreneur, but she had to beat the odds to get there. When she was 2 years old, Basma suffered severe facial burns in a kitchen accident. She underwent hundred’s of surgeries, was bullied by other children and at times was afraid to come out of her room. When she was sixteen her physicians told her they could do no more for her scaring and she looked the best she ever would. Well…they underestimated Basma.

After having an eyebrow tattoo procedure she had an aha! moment. Check out my interview with Basma to learn more about her, her story and how she’s making a difference in the lives of others.Discuss her accident and the effect her scaring had on her life – including being severely bullied
Discuss how her receiving a cosmetic tattoo lead her building a successful business around the art of tattooingbasma-hameed-before-after-cosmetic-tattoo
Talk about her aha! moment and how she decided to tattoo her own face
Talk about her current business and how mission and passion to help others
Discuss the importance of fixing your insides before your fix your outsides