Learn How This Entrepreneur Created a Business Based On Networking + Giveaway!

Sandy Jones-Kaminski – AKA, Chief Connections Officer at Bella Domain Media — is my guest today. She’s a networking enthusiast and accomplished marketing and business development professional. She believes in “Social Capital”, the power of networking and building social relationships.

Sandy and I have a great conversation about the importance of networking and the impact it can and does have on your success. As a matter of fact, I’ve interviewed over 30 successful women for this show and everyone one of them have talked about the importance of networking and how it helped them reach their goals. It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS and Sandy and I dive deep into this topic and much,Discuss what networking is and isn’t and the true importance of building relationships
Discuss her circuitous route to entrepreneurship and how she worked in the corporate world to groom herself to start her own business
Talk about the importance of collaboration and how to build positive relationship to help both parties
Discuss tips and tricks for networking and how to make the best of an event
Talk 5 things you can do to get the most out of a business convention or event