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Farnoosh Brock is my guest today and we’re talking about overcoming fear, leaving a prestigious 6-figure job and choosing to live your dream.

If you’re in a job you hate, life your not happy with or unsure how to live your dream…you’re going to love this interview with Farnoosh.TIP #1: Stop looking at your blog as a Hobby and start looking at it as a Business.
TIP #2: Don’t be afraid to try new things – even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Farnoosh knew she wanted to do something, but didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do. Live your dream.
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TIP #3: Find your point of no return and let that experience help you find your new path.
TIP #4: Don’t be afraid to believing different truths – life changes and your definition of happiness might have changed as well.
TIP #5: Not everyone will support your decision to make changes in your life. Be ok with this and surround yourself with like minded people.
TIP #6: Continue to learn and push yourself – be a life long learner.
TIP #7: Realize that you will have some failures, but use those as stepping stones and keep moving forward.
TIP#8: Systemize all repeatable tasks.

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Katya Barry is an international business and expat coach for women – she’s also known as a Global Attitude Architect. She specializes in helping expat women across the world get plugged into their communities so they can thrive both personally and professional.

Katya shares her story of having difficulty finding a job even though she was highly qualified and educated. She finally took matters into her own hands and has the freedom to work on her own termsTalk about the life of an expat – the fun, sexy and boring. iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk
Discuss the fairy tale of world travel vs. the reality of living abroad
Talk about the unique challenges of living abroad [Even if it’s in your own Country]
How Katya had difficulty finding a job and how she came to the reality that she didn’t really want to work for someone else [how to overcome FEAR]
Discuss work-life balance and the tips she has for juggling a busy family and business
Talk about the frustrations and challenges as a “trailing spouse”
Discuss her upcoming Foreignator Summit 2013

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Nathalie Lussier is my guest today and we’re discussing online marketing, how to master the technical side of the web and the power of investing in yourself.Here are some highlights from our Interview:
Discuss how she turned down a job on Wall Street to take a risk and start her own business
Discuss the one question Marie Forleo asked her which changed her business and help her reach 6 figures in the first year of launch
Discuss how she launched her first business Raw Foods Witch and how she got traffic to the site
Talk about why she suggests saving your money on advertising and attend a like minded networking event instead – the power of networking
Talk about the power of taking your online business offline to grow and build relationships
Discuss the power of SEO in building online traffic
Talk about the power of the EMAIL list and tip for building the list on autopilot
Discuss the power of investing in yourself and hiring a coach

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Jennifer Dutcher is the owner and designer of Rock-a-Thigh Baby, a busy mom of 4 and as far as I can tell…hasn’t resorted to pulling her hair out yet. She made the business of socks both functional and fun.

She shares her story on how she found a gap in the market, designed and created a functional knee-high sock and has now taken her company global. She says it’s all because…She never left any stone unturned.Discuss how a cold evening walk lead to the creation of her product line – throw a curve ball to a smart mommy and she’ll hit it out of the park. [See how a crying baby lead Alicia Overby’s to create her baby product line]
Talk about how Jennifer fell into the wholesale side of her business, how she prices her products and how she’s found both domestic and international distributors.
Jennifer how simply reaching out and making a connection lead to her partnered with Beco – a baby carrier company.
Leave no stone unturned is her motto and message to anyone considering starting a small business
We discuss Jennifer work-life balance and what tools she uses to run her life and business.
Jennifer and I discuss the importance of scheduling and making certain her family is a part of the business. She’s a mom of 4 and she involves them in the business.
Talk a little about her marketing and social media.
About guest Jennifer Dutcher


Jennifer is an interior designer turned mompreneur. She’s the owner and designer of Rock-a-Thigh Baby which offer thigh high socks for the little ones. She’s a busy mom of 4 who recognized the need for a children’s sock that stays up and stays on, while providing full leg coverage as tights.

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