Nada Jones, obviously believes in the saying “Go big or Go home” because she went BIG with the launch of her multimedia business ltd365. She launched with a major live event for women.

Check out my interview with Nada to learn how she scored major sponsors for the event and how she’s using her experience and the experience of other female entrepreneurs to empowering womenDiscuss what living your dream means – even if it takes you 12 years to get there
Discuss her book “16 Weeks To Your Dream Business” – talk about the process of publishing and promoting the book
Talk about her discovery of her passion to curate the best of best education and resources for women
Talk about the process of setting up a conference, getting sponsors and making it a rememberable event
Discuss how laser focus comes later and the importance of the path in getting there
Discuss the importance of understanding your market when planning a live event
Talk about the importance of viewing your competitors as friends and learn to help each other with cross promotion etc.
Discuss the launch of her online magazine – ltdmag
Talk about how to launch an event

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Carol Trickett is my guest today and she entered the world of entrepreneurship because her corporate job was downsized. Luckily, she was ready for the change and turned her hobby into a business.

Do you have an amazing talent or hobby? You can turn it into a business just like Carol did. Check out our interview to see how and find out how to get a free copy of her E-Book…Discuss how Carol took her hobby of making stained glass and turned it into a business
Talk about the triggers in Carols life that helped her realize she could start a business – how she got over the fear
Discuss the importance of jumping in feet first and not waiting on perfection to start your business
Discuss how Carol surveyed her competitors to learn more about the industry — the results were interesting
Discuss Carol’s plan for scaling her business and how she’s using the internet to do it -including coaching and courses
Talk about how she’s using video to grow her online business and marketability
Talk about market research and the importance of being open minded with your business plan and growth
Talk about the importance of building a network and community – Carol discusses tips for doing this

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“The size of your audience doesn’t matter. What’s important is that your audience is listening” Erika Napoletano

If you love a non-BS approach to business and life like I do, you’ll love this book. Ericka tells it like it is and provides great case studies to tie it all together.

This book makes you think a little differently about life and business and helps you realize that UNPOPULAR is the new black.

I did a previous post about Randy Pausch and guess where I learned about him — yep from Erika’s book. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to.

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Lara Galloway  is my guest today and we’re talking about being a mom and wanting more — which is somewhat of a taboo subject in some circles.

Lara is a mompreneur who shares her honest story of how she struggled with not having her creative needs met as a stay at home mom and how this catapulted her into entrepreneurship.Talk about how she was a “reluctant entrepreneur”, what that meant to her and how she shifted
Discuss what Lara says her first business was lacking and how changing that thing help her prosper
We discuss what most mothers and mompreneurs are not willing to admit and the power you get once you do
Discuss the facts around having too broad a market and why you need to narrow it down for success
Discuss what’s counterintuitive to business and why you won’t be successful if you don’t get it and change your business to reflect it
Discuss the importance of business coaching and the impact it can have on a business
Talk about what Lara means by being a painkiller instead of the vitamin
Lara says Twitter saved her life – we discuss this and how social media has impacted her business [Learn The Power of Pinterest]
Discuss blogtalkradio and how Lara started her show and the impact it’s had on her business

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Robin Hallett is my guest today and this might be the first interview I’ve walked away from feeling truly enlightened — a true sense of who I am and where I’m going. And best of all…the fact that it’s ok to be vulnerable, uncertain and scared.

Robin and I have a great conversation about why it’s important to let go, just be yourself and deal with the bolder in your back pocket.

Before we jump into the interview I want to talk about success and the importance of loving yourself.

Just Be Yourself
“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland

I love this quote! Especially since we live in a me too society where we use the success (or alleged success) of others as our measuring stick.

We all do it, we’re guilty.

We look up to the Marie Forleo’s, Amy Porterfield’s, Carol Burnett’s (odd I know, but I love her!).

We’ve been guilty of looking at the success of others and thinking…why not me, why am I not at the same level? Why can’t I be like her?

I must not be good enough!

I must not be good enough because of _____________ or because I don’t know everything about ________________ or I don’t have the __________ resources that she has.

Here’s the truth….

You Are Good Enough
Say it out loud with me….You Are Good Enough!

Yes, we’re all on different paths, at different levels and with different resources, but that’s ok.

If you want true life success, you must change your script, learn to love you for you, and just be yourself.

In my interview with Robin, we discuss this in more detail and why it’s SO important to deal with the issues that are keeping you from being the best you.

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Dixie Gillaspie is my guest today and we’re talking about how to live an unlimited life and removing the word “can’t” from your vocabulary.

Before we jump into the interview I want to share a story with you about overcoming “can’t” and how I changed my attitude about “can”.

The Truth About Attitude
I love this Zig Ziglar quote – Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.

This one hits home for me on several levels and here’s why.

It’s a miracle that I can read. Ok, my story isn’t that dramatic, but truth is…I was a terrible student. I excelled socially, but barely skated by academically.

I had a wonderful childhood and my parents were great, but they didn’t push me academically. The expectation was to pass and that’s exactly what I did…and a “C” is passing you know.

A Product of Your Environment
I don’t blame my parents for not pushing me academically, because ultimately it was my responsibility and not theirs.

They did the best they could.

They were the product of their environment…my dad didn’t make it past the 7th grade because he quit school to help support his family in a time of need.

My mom quit school her sophomore year because she feel in love and decided to start a family instead.

Me…I changed my attitude and realize my success was my choice.

Although they didn’t teach me much about algebra, my parents did teach me the value of family, community, hard work, faith and love.

Luckily I’m the product of my environment.

Don’t Let Can’t Stop You
How did you like how I flipped the switch about being the product of my environment?

It would have been easy for me to say I can’t go to college because I barely made it through High School, or I can’t start a business because I didn’t have a role model, or I can’t start a consulting business because I’ve never done it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in “I can’t” because ________

Believe me, I’ve been there.

I’m still a terrible speller, but that hasn’t stopped me.

I never read a book cover to cover until I was 20, but that hasn’t stopped me.

I wasn’t raised around entrepreneurs, but that didn’t stop me.

I ignored “can’t” and figure out “can”.

Don’t Let The Small Things Trip You Up
You can be anything you want to be…you can do anything you want to do! It’s a mind thing.

Dixie is a living example of not letting the little things trip her up. In my interview with her we discuss how the sudden death of a family member caused her to rethink her life and led to her writing her new book Just Blow It Up: Firepower For Living An Unlimited Life.

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A stress free life…Is there even such a thing?

What if you could have your current life as it is today, but without stress. Would you choose it?

Stress is a funny thing and it’s actually much different than what most people think.

Here’s the funny thing about stress….it’s not the overwhelm in your job, the lack of time in your day or the work-life blend you’re trying to acheive. It’s none of these things, but here’s what it is.

Stress is not an external thing…it’s an internal thing.

That’s right…your job, kids, partner, bank account…none of these things are what’s stressful.success-under-stress-successful-women-talk

You’re ability or lack of ability to control these situations is what’s actually causing you stress. It’s an internal thing…mind over matter if you will.

I have faith in the fact that I can reduce my stress if I change my mindset and so does my guest, Sharon Melnick.

In her new book Sussess Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure is On, Dr. Sharon Melnick dives deep into what stress is, why it happens and how to take control over the stress in your life.

Here’s an example of me trying to reduce my stress…that’s me on the right working hard on show research.

One of the things Sharon points out in her book is that the average business professional has between 30 and 100 projects on his or her plate at any given time. They are also interupted on average seven times per hour, and faced incoming communications from multiple technologies 24 hours a day.

No wonder we feel stressed and out of control.

In my interview with Sharon, we discuss several stress management tips for controlling what you can control: The 50% rule. We also talk turning obstacles in to opportunities and much

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Amy Brann is my guest today and we’re talking about how to train your brain.

Better yet…we go into detail on her new book How To Make Your Brain Work with a focus on how to maximize your efficiencies, productivity and effectiveness.

It’s not brain surgery, but it is neuroscience and Amy has a knack for breaking it down into simple, understandable tips and tricks.Don’t Let Your Fear Limit You – Amy knew from early on that she wanted to be a doctor. Even after starting medical school, she decided to take a different path…tough decision, but she followed her gut and dream.iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk
Learn to Listen to your gut — it’s not easy to change paths or create your own path, but don’t be afraid to try. Amy knew nothing about business, but decided she would be an amazing women entrepreneur and she chose a path to get her there.
Share your gifts — Amy’s decision to write her book stemmed from her need to help others. She even overcame the fear of not getting published.
Never underestimate the Power of Storytelling – this was the decision for her writing a parable instead of a How To book.
Prioritization is key for productivity – .Know what needs to be done, picture your goals and start with an end in mind
Discuss the myth of Multitasking – basically…it can’t be done well and Amy will show you why.
To be optimally Productive, you need to minimize Distractions – it’s a little worse for women and Amy provides a few tips for overcoming distractions.
Get things out of your head — create a repository and system for tracking and following up with throughs, tasks and to do’s, but don’t keep it in your head.
Embrace the Power of Habits – we talk about what they are and how they work.
Best Productivity Tip for Women Entrepreneurs – Be mindful, specific, and super clear on what it is that you want to do.

Amy Brann is a thought leader in the field of human potential. Leaving UCL medical school to pursue a Coaching career she became fascinated by what the brain can teach us to help transform thinking & performance. Participating in over 12,000 hours of Coaching with clients all over the world. Amy has consulted to companies in Europe, Asia and Australia and enjoys delivering interactive talks and workshops. Her company is pursuing research opportunities to advance the practical applications of what neuroscience can bring to businesses.

Amy passionately delivers the message that you have a huge amount of potential that can be better accessed if you understand how to work with your brain optimally.

She currently loves living in Birmingham, UK, with her husband, daughter and little dog.

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humor and non-boring business branding.

Jessica is the host of JK TV, where she shows you how to market your business and still respect yourself in the morning. She smart, funny, and a bit of a firecracker.

Check out my interview with Jessica to learn more about her, how she works and her tips for work-life success.Discuss working from home and few tips on setting boundaries to help you be less distracted and more productive. iTunes Rate & Review for Successful Women Talk
Be smart about business structure – Talk about how she structured herself as a freelance contractor and found anice balance between working on her business and her clients businesses.
Embrace the power of Networking – Jessica shares her story of how she friended everyone she new on FaceBook because she knew some of them might need her services in the future.
Grow and respect your email list – this also helps with business referrals in the future.
Organization is in the eye of the beholder – we discuss how Jessica get works done and the tools she uses to stay productive. It’s important to find a system that works for you.
Delegate and automate whenever possible – especially with repetitive tasks.
Work-life success is important – talk about how she breaks her day down into different tasks depending upon when her kids are home.
People do business with people – be human, humor is ok — keep in fun and professional.
With branding — be yourself, stop trying to be Marie Forleo…she’s taken, be yourself.
About guest Jessica Kupferman


Jessica Kupferman is a Gossip Expert, Trend Spotter, Technical Idiot Savant and creator of a brand new comedy/ business talk show. When she’s not broadcasting her latest guilty pleasure, Jessica helps small business owners create an army of passionate + loyal fans using the power of social media, easy technology, and gossip.

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem so efficient, while others struggling finding enough time to finish one project?

time-management-for-women-entrepreneursBetter question….are you the efficient one or the one struggling to finish the project?

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably a little of both.

A universal theme I often hear is “I don’t have enough time.” I’ve said it, you’ve said it — but what does it mean?

Does it mean if you had more time, you would be more efficient? Would all of your problem magically go away? Would you finally have time to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy?

Probably Not — most of us would still be thinking…“I don’t have enough time.”

So if more time isn’t the answer…what’s is?

Like it or not, there are some things in life we’re good at and some things we’re not. Believe it or not…not everyone’s as perfect as they appear on Facebook.

Now i’m not suggesting it’s easy to admit when we’re lacking in an area (or two), but I am suggesting that you’ll be much closer to the time solution when you name it and own it!

Let’s practice…I’ll go first.

I’m good at helping others systemize the chaos in their business, but I suck at grammar.

There I said it — I named it, owned it, and now I know what to work on.

If you’re not great with time management and you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough time” – name it and own it.

The truth is…it’s not a time issue, it’s a management issue and you can’t improve what you don’t measure or recognize.

One thing I’ve finally realized is that time is relative and my definition of enough time is much different than yours.

Yes, it’s true we all have the same amount of hours in day, days in a week, weeks in a year, but we value and spend our time differently.

But here’s the game changer….it’s not productive to say “I don’t have enough time” – because it sets up a negative tone.

I’m sure you’ve heard the concept of The Law Of Attraction — it’s a belief that “Like Attracts Like” and the benefit of focusing on positive or negative thoughts. Focus on positive, you get positive. Focus on negative and you get negative.

I TOTALLY believe in this concept and about a year ago I started applying it more in my life. So instead of saying “I don’t have enough time” (because I do), I now say “I didn’t take the time to xxx.”

It’s amazing how changing the script changes my feeling toward the outcome.

Luckily, there’s enough research out there on our side which basically proves that greatness and excellence aren’t innate — they’re learned behaviors.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Practice make perfect” and it’s true. So don’t worry if you’re not currently a time management ninja — you’ll have plenty of time to practice.

It starts with understand, requires a mindset change and is mastered by developing skills for success.

Here are a few strategies to help you improve your time management:

Schedule Your Life – both work and free time
Create Lists – Know what needs to be done and put it on your schedule
Set priorities – Complete the most important things first
Work on One Thing at A Time – Multitasking does not work!
Know when to say No – Delegate and stop trying to do it all.
Healthy Life, Health Mind – Exercise and Get Enough Sleep
Create Systems for anything you do more than twice
I’m a true believer in the fact that You Can Have It All, but in order to do so you need to become a master at time management.

Now It’s Your Turn
I would love to know what systems you use to keep yourself organized and on task, so leave me a comment below so we can learn from your success.

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